Monday, November 25, 2013

The Rules of Friendship

About a month ago, I was watching Hamslice after school as he was playing with some of his classmates. It was a little uncomfortable to watch him because he didn't entirely seem to understand the purpose or nature of play, and it seemed that it was more of an exercise in self-aggrandizement.

That afternoon, we sat down and talked about friendship and "How to Do Friendship" and we made a list of Friendship Rules, which I will list below.

I told my Dad about it, and he helpfully reminded me that this was more like the blind leading the blind, because historically I haven't been very good at friendship either. So if you have suggestions for additions to the list, please let me know. Leave a comment maybe.

Friendship "DOs"Friendship "DON'TS"
Give friends fair choices Brag
Listen Interrupt
Let friends finish talking Grab
Go slow Argue
Take turns winning
with new friends
Work together to decide
the rules of the game
Claim you won if there is no game
Make sure you know the rules
(and agree with them)
before you start playing
Try friends' ideas

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Unknown said...

Do not turn off the video game because you are losing--