Friday, May 23, 2008

The Furminator!

To visit our home is to understand what it's like to live with a gigantic, shedding dog.

As most of you know, Maggie the dog is a wonderful, awesome big brown dog. We all love her to pieces, but as Hambone often says, "she's perfect except for the SHEDDING."

While I don't often shill products on the blog here, I would be remiss if I didn't let all my pet owning readers know about the FURMINATOR which is a new-ish de-shedding tool. I guess it pulls the dead undercoat out of the fur in general.

We got one last weekend and *seriously* we pulled two garbage bags worth of shedding off of the Mags, and since then we've only seen minimal shedding for the whole WEEK~!

I want to get everyone one of these. I still can't believe how well it worked, and believe me I have tried Everything else.

Get one!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dancin' the Night Away

This is fun -- Hamslice has just discovered dancing to music, and it's cracking me and Hambone up.

Because Hanslice can't stand up on his own yet, he sort of bee-bops by bouncing up and down while seated. So far his favorite song is the canned music from his Cookie Jar toy -- we see him playing with the buttons on there and then dancing when the music starts. It's adorable.

Yesterday, we put him on his John Deere baby tractor. The tractor has a button where the sound of the engine starts when you push a button in the steering wheel. Get this: Hamslice started DANCING LIKE CRAZY TO THE THRUMMING OF THE ENGINE.

Hambone and I laughed so hard. I guess a John Deere engine is the sweetest music of all.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wanting to be BIG

This morning, Hamslice decided that he was officially a big boy. To that end, he wouldn't eat any baby food or cereal -- he only wanted pieces of fruit, Cheerios and american cheese. AND he wanted to put the food in his own mouth, no help from Mom, thank you very much.

I was so surprised, but I have to say it was pretty nice to be able to clean up the kitchen while he fed himself. Hmmm... so it just gets easier from here? (I can hear you all laughing. I'm sure we still have a ways to go)

Hamslice also has decided that he doesn't like having his clothes changed on the changing table anymore. Oh the wailing when he sees me walking toward it.

On the plus side, he's started giving Mommy some kisses and hugs, which is such a nice bonus. Right now his kisses involve him opening his mouth as wide as he can and sucking on the apple of my cheek. Then he bites a little with his two little teeth and grabs big fistfuls of hair.

I'll take it. =)

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Bit of Shameless Promotion

At work, my group just finished work on this golf game that I thought I'd share with you all. It's terribly addicting, so beware...

Golf Game

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hambone as Big 50 Builder!

Yesterday Hambone and I went to Remodeler Magazine's BIG 50 awards, where they honor the top 50 builder/remodelers in the country. On the way to the event, Hambone mentioned that he was one of the award winners. He's subtle like that.

The awards dinner was at the Ritz Carlton, and I have to say it was all very "top notch." Hambone, of course, was unfazed.

Here is the display of his award -- he won for "Niche builder" because of his green philosophy and his historic Baltimore geographic targeting. Here's his Web site

After he received his award, he made a funny face out of his dessert.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Baltimore's Kinetic Sculptures race

Today was the Kinetic Sculptures race and per the norm, Hambone and I took some champagne, OJ and bagels up to Federal Hill park to watch the show. Hamslice came too, but he slept most of the time.

Highlights include (you can see these in the video) the blue Wombat, Fi Fi the poodle, the Pope Mobile and more. The idea is that the sculptures need to be human propelled, and the course takes them up a huge hill and across the Chesapeake Bay. We like to catch them at the top of Federal Hill when they're going slow during the climb.

It's terrific good fun each year. We never miss it.