Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Unapologetic Bragging

As you all know, Hamslice has been doing a lot of work lately on his social skills and learning how to "do school." At one point I forgot that the point of school was "the 3 Rs" because I was so focused on just keeping him out of trouble.

Well, our little man seems to have picked up his 3 Rs just fine on his own. I noticed he has been making great strides in reading, and we're working on penmanship, you know... normal stuff.

Today Hamslice took his second set of standardized tests to check progress from the beginning of the year, and he JUMPED THREE LEVELS!!! Wahooo!!!

His teacher said he would have jumped a fourth level, but he missed one consonant blend. She said he had to test for hours in order to get all the levels, because the test and test until the student "peters out." She said he was testing so long that she felt guilty and asked him if he wanted to stop.

He said, "NO! KEEP GOING!"

So she is placing him in a new study group within his class and will continue testing tomorrow.

Go Hamslice!!! Mom and Dad so proud of you!