Thursday, August 27, 2015

Same S*** Different Grade

We made it through two days of third grade with happiness at the end of the day and good feelings going into the next day.  Yesterday I got a teacher conference request.

Hamslice has decided he's bored in home room, so in class he cut his own bangs with his classroom scissors, and then he cut a hole in his shirt. Apparently he then proceeded to be uncooperative for the rest of the day.


I spoke with him yesterday about it and told him that I can't change his behavior, only he can. And I asked him what kind of behavior he *could* use instead, and he rattled off correct behavior by rote. I asked if he was going to start using that behavior instead, and he said "no."

Here we go again, folks.

Monday, August 17, 2015

One Last Week of Freedom

Remember how I mentioned that Hamslice wanted to go to camp Puh'Tok in my last entry? He did indeed go for two weeks, but he immediately remembered why he didn't like the camp. It was a little bit of pulling teeth, but he made it with only one incident. I'm very proud of him.

We then tried this social skills camp, which was VERY good. I highly recommend it although it is a lot of hard work for the kids. Hamslice came home grumpy every day, but did make a lot of social skills connections that we see Hamslice using with his friends even a week later. 

Next week school begins, and I am nervous as always. He has had a couple of playdates with classmates that didn't go particularly well, but I also know he is not in the same class with the kids who were particularly obnoxious to him last year.

So THIS week we are just chillin' and relaxing, trying to give Hamslice his best possible start to the school year. We ALSO have little Hamspread coming to visit for half of a week. We are very excited to get to know Hamspread, and look forward to his visit very much.