Friday, March 13, 2015

of course it's not that easy.

So it seemed like we were making great progress with the headphones  until we went to our teacher conference.  Hamslice's teachers said that they saw no difference from the headphones or medication. They said get rid of the headphones and try more drugs. And of course they said this right in front of Hamslice.

Now he won't wear his headphones and says they don't work anyway. He can't unhear his teachers' comments.

I have discontinued  the drugs because they were making him sick.

But, on the bright side, in their very next breath the teachers said he has been maturing and that seems to be fixing a lot of his issues.

So... were they freaking out and demanding  drugs just because he was immature? Why do drugs have to be the answer to everything?

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Cautious Optimism

Sooooooo, could it be that the answer is a $150 pair of head phones? We started using them on Friday and THAT AFTERNOON we got a nice note on one of Hamslice's assignments. We tried them Sunday at church school and got a GLOWING review of his attention and behavior. (This from the same people who told us he needed to go into the Special Ed classroom the week before.)

Is it Misophonia? Hyperacusis? Could it be this easy?

Hamslice has admitted that the head phones help him "a lot" and he voluntarily takes them to school. He is eager to behave correctly with them so they don't get taken away. These are signs to me that they are important and helpful. So far this is the best result for him.

Today is day 2 in school with them, I am eager to hear how it goes (no pun intended). I have set an appointment for Thursday to review all of this with his teachers.

Fingers crossed everybody!