Friday, June 18, 2021

The Great Maturation

After the boys were both vaccinated, they returned to in-person school 4 days/week. Wednesdays inexplicably remained "asynchronous days" where they were required to stay home each week. We were very surprised to learn how much both boys had matured  in contrast with their classmates. Not only did they each grow about a foot, and their voices changed while in quarantine, but their minds and attitudes grew up so much as well.

The difference upon returning to school was dramatic. Hamslice, who has historically not been a great student, started excelling! He raised his grades so much that he won awards for 'most improved' in English and Math. Hambone and I are gobsmacked.

Meanwhile, Little Ham rebounded from being caught plagiarizing most of his English and Math homework from the Internet during virtual school. He managed to recover well, and is registered for "algebra camp" over the summer. he learned a lot during COVID, but not about his school subjects.

As of now, school has ended for all intents and purposes, there are just a few 'makeup' days that are half-days consisting of movies and busy work. We are headed out to Michigan soon to stay at our new beach house. 

Everything is reopened now, and we feel very much like we are on the other side of the crisis, and we could not be more relieved.