Saturday, December 12, 2020

Where's all the Food?

 On Sunday, I ordered some groceries through a delivery service like we're supposed to do in quarantine. The person doing the shopping asked me if I really wanted as much chicken, and she sent me a photo of the chicken she bought. However, when she put the delivery on the doorstep, no chicken was in there. When I called the delivery service, they said "How about your $30 back. There was no explanation about where my chicken was.

We figured that the delivery person may have just needed the chicken more than we did. 

Then our vegetable delivery came -- this service has been spotty for a while, for instance last week they delivered 30 carrots and some spoiled blueberries along with 6 moldy cucumbers. Yesterday's delivery had one half of one carrot, one half of one sweet potato, spoiled lettuce, blueberries and some pears and avocados that were so unripe you could use them for baseballs.

While nobody is talking about food shortages, we suspect something is afoot again. In response, we cancelled the vegetable delivery service. We just aren't sure that we need to take that much food out of the system for just us. 

Our household has devolved to a few standard meals and some baking, but the early pandemic culinary adventures have sort of petered out. And now we wait. The vaccine was approved yesterday, so hopefully we won't be stuck in here for too many more months.