Thursday, June 12, 2014

Crooked Teeth and Swimming

Hamslice lost his first tooth about 6 weeks ago, and the new tooth is about half way grown in. It looks to me like his new tooth is about twice as wide as his baby tooth, so it's coming in nearly sideways. Snaggle tooth.

So far there aren't any other loose teeth, so this one will just have to jam itself in there and hope for the best. Looks like we need to find an orthodontist in the next year.

In other news, Hamslice is becoming a pretty good swimmer. He is able to do the crawl and breast stroke. When he swims with his face in the water he's even pretty fast -- It's his best skill so far.  He is still very skittish about jumping in, though. He's certain this is the way he will die.

We have set up swimming lessons for our new address in Sparks, however it looks like our move-in date continues to be a moving target. I suppose it will depend on the day that I just show up with a truck and say, "Here we are."  Hopefully we are going on the 4th of July weekend. Either way, we will keep him swimming for as long as he wants to do it. Maybe a little longer than that.

Last weekend Hambone and I realized that we will just need to put in a pool at the new house. Apparently, that's the best solution.