Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Break On Through to the Other Side

In the spirit of The Doors song, we have broken through to the other side of normal this year with such enthusiasm and shock that my head is spinning. We zoomed right from Abnormal to Regular.

Indeed, everyone who bandied about the "A" word earlier has retracted, and now we are working on just the regular stuff of having an 8 year old boy. And it is bewildering to me to go from the squeeze of "he needs treatment and drugs" to "Are you afraid to let him get a B on his science project." "Why are you helicopter parenting him?"

I mean, of COURSE he can get a B on his science project. Or an F. Who the F cares? Compared to people thinking he would not be able to survive in standard classroom, the grades are just silly to me.

But I need to adjust my thinking from "How do I convince people that he's normal?" to "What would a regular 8 year old need from his parents?"  It's a welcome, welcome change.

Stand down, Mom. It's going to be OK.

And as I say this, there's a little fellow in Colorado who's going to need some of my attention very soon. On to our next adventure!