Monday, June 22, 2020

So I guess this is the "New Normal"

In Maryland, the virus continues on its gruesome path, with most of us still staying home as much as possible. Our family has come to accept that this is just how things are now, and we will be ok. In a symbolic gesture, we ate the giant brisket (see "Panic Shopping" post from March) and are now settled in for summer break.

School "officially" ends today, although we received an email from school some weeks back that said the unofficial last day was last Friday, but the ACTUAL last day that curriculum occurred was two weeks ago.

To fill our days, we have purchased several classes on "" where the kids can learn anything they want (seriously... ANYTHING). Right now they are learning money management, personal responsibility, fibonacci sequences, PHP programming, virology, how to draw sharks, dungeons and dragons, topographic studies of the terrain in the video game "Zelda"... these classes are awesome. Sometimes I listen in as well.

The boys come to the office with me Monday - Thursday at 8:30 AM. They have their own offices in my company office space, and they do their work in their offices as though they are Jr. executives. At lunch time they come into my office and we eat together, then they go back to their offices. It's adorable and so amazing to me that it is working as well as it is. Hambone usually takes them home around 2pm. This works for all of us. 

I have to take a moment out at this point to brag about my boys. Since COVID we have become a team. We are finally able to trust them to do what they say they are going to do, and to follow the rules of the house. It's like a miracle to me and Hambone is still trying to catch up with the total 180 degree shift in the household.

Yesterday we delivered eggs to one of Hamslice's classmates' houses and Hamslice saw his classmate for the first time in months. This young fellow had gained about 30 lbs and had lost a lot of his social skills since the end of school. His mom, like many of the others I've spoken with, stopped enforcing bedtimes for her kids once COVID hit. She also allows unlimited video game play and lets her kids set their own diet and daily schedules 100%. She is not parenting, she's acting as a roommate. Her oldest is 13 years old!

Hamslice and Little Ham got in the car and could NOT STOP TALKING about how grateful they are that they don't look and act like that kid. It was such a pleasure to hear them expounding on how happy they are for a routine and for discipline to make them into humans instead of ... whatever he was turning into.

I take it as a win. Our family is OK and is getting stronger every day, and if this Covid nightmare ever ends, we'll come out on top. So now I get it, and am willing to ride this out. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

It's not funny anymore

It's now the middle of June and school ends next week Friday. We have been in quarantine for more than 90 days, and now we're "suddenly reopened for most activities" even though the virus has not been able to be treated, there is no vaccine, and we don't really know why things are opened. It feels like people got sick of staying in, and so now we're open.

And, as people were getting more and more frustrated with quarantine, there was a horrific crime against George Floyd. This began a series of marches and protests worldwide, further increasing the pressure-cooker feel of this year.

The stock market is rising like crazy, in defiance of all logic or reality.

Nothing makes sense.

For now, I hold my babies tight, pray and wait. God help us all.