Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hamslice Homebody

So we wound up pulling Hamslice out of school in the beginning of April. There were too many things that didn't add up regarding his in-school behavior, and it seemed like time for Mom and Dad to take a turn with him to see what's what.

We have been having a marvelous time getting to know each other better, and learning how to be good partners to each other. I've read eight parenting books, which has been helpful, and Hamslice has been in an atmosphere where he knows he is surrounded by people who love him, which has also been helpful.

Our grand adventure started in the mountains of West Virginia on a camping trip with friends. It was chilly but had a lot of fun.


At home, we've started Hamslice on some routines to help him work independently and learn how to have fun with others. He is now taking piano lessons with me (which completes my transformation INTO MY MOTHER) and he has learned all the rules of Chess. Chess is now his favorite pass time, and he has been consistently beating me even when I don't help him. 

He is also reading and writing for at least an hour a day, which he is becoming very proud of after a bit of initial resistance. His alphabet looks good, and he just finished a letter to Auntie Bet.

We're very proud of him, and hopeful that his next school year will go a little better.