Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hamslice on the Move!

Last night Hamslice started crawling! Hambone and I are so excited... Or, we were until he crawled over to the tv and yanked on the wires. Looks like we're into quite an interesting new phase.

What we were super surprised by was how fast he went. Hmm

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Food Fights & Father's Day

This weekend was Fathers' Day, and Hambone and I went out for dinner to celebrate on Saturday night. When I came downstairs from getting ready, I stumbled across this extreme napping event on the sofa. Hambone was pretty pleased with himself for getting Hamslice to sleep.

In other news, we've started having some hilarity around meal times. It turns out that Hamslice and Maggie the Dog have formed an alliance. Their deal goes like this: "Psst... Maggie... I think I'm full now, so I am going to throw all my food down to you. Just wait under my chair and you'll get your share."

Which has been interpreted by Maggie as "I will shuck and jive and do every trick in the book, including panting so loudly I sound like Darth Vader to see if you give me food any sooner, because I just can't wait until you're done."

The thing that irks me about this, is that I had Maggie a loooong time before I met Hambone or gave birth to Hamslice. During these years, I taught Maggie a whole cadre of tricks designed to get attention and delight whomever she's doing them for. So... she knows how to stand on her back legs and give "high five" and roll on her side & hide her eyes, as well as bark on command and several others.

Meal time is now a total circus, complete with at least TWO CLOWNS, and most of it is my own doing.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Hamslice in the Sun

The weather has been absolutely terrific lately, and Hamslice revels in his time outside. Here's a picture of him under our crepe myrtle bushes in the back yard, just drinkin' up the sun...