Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Progress!

So... the swim team lasted about half of the season, destined to fail after a few practices being cancelled for lightening and one very dreary swim meet in 68 degrees and drizzle. Hamslice continued to swim, but the pressure of the team was probably a little too much for him this year. We will try again next year.

Here's the good news: Hamslice has been in camps all summer with ONLY ONE PHONE CALL FOR BEHAVIOR! He has had 1 week of Minecraft, 1 week of Astronomy, and 1 week of Video Game Programming camp. I realized this yesterday and my jaw almost hit the floor. It's some kind of a record for sure.

He ASKED to go to Camp Puh-Tok which is a less structured, more socially oriented camp, which really surprised me. There is a lot about him  that seems normal about him this summer (or "Neural Typical" for all you special needs moms out there).

This summer we went camping as a family to two different camping areas, he has met horses, we have hiked in the woods and fields around the house...lots of sensory experiences. He's starting to understand that there are big things to fear and freak out about, but that most of them are not that big.

We are heading down the chute toward 3rd grade. There are lots of things afoot that could make this challenging, but I am optimistic!