Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rat Season 2006 Comes to a Close

With the weather starting to turn toward winter, I'm sad to report that our rat season is slowing down.

This year yeilded a respctable 15 rats, however it paled to the armageddon of last year. Total for the overall effort: 38 caugh in traps, and an unspecified number killed underground by the exterminator in 2005.

We didn't post as many gratuitous photos this year because the whole thing has become rather humdrum. Even Maggie doesn't get too excited when there's one in the trap. She goes over there and sniffs a bit, but unless she's got the energy to start playing with it, she just waits for Hambone to get the air rifle.

So now all is quiet on the western front until next June. I thought you'd all want to know.