Friday, March 30, 2007

Going on 18 weeks, Oh Sweet Vanity

I'll be 18 weeks pregnant on Sunday, and now that my hormones are settling into their regular (elevated) level, now I have other things on my mind.

Originally I was very interested in having the preggo belly and showing it off. But, when I started looking just gassy and fat, I changed my mind. Here's how it shook out:

At 8 weeks I bought a whole load of maternity clothes.
At 13 weeks I went to work in a maternity shirt and pants, ready to resign myself to the larger version of me.
At 15 weeks I went back to all of my own clothes, and dove deep into denial that I would actually get a pregnant belly.

This week (17) I actually started to have a belly, and while I still squeezed into my regular pants and shirt, I would find myself very, very crabby and uncomfortable by the end of the day.

Today I wore my maternity clothes again, and while they lack the fashion sense of my regular gear, I am blessedly comfortable.

Ahhh Cotton and elastic. Where have you been all my life?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Pregnancy Brain

I know I touched on this a little in my last post, but it deserves another look. Before getting pregnant I had never heard of this before, so you can imagine my surprise when I got a HUGE dose of it.

Evidently, the hormones just take over, and the intellectual side of you is left far, far behind. Here are some things I did because of PB:

- Instead of putting dishes in the dishwasher, I put some back in the cupboard. In one case, it was a glass that was still half full of water.

- I forgot to pay ALL the bills for the month of January, and I forgot that I forgot to pay them, hence my consternation when the late notices started showing up.

- I forgot to put things into my calendar, so I'd sit at my desk as appointment after appointment showed up that I had no recollection of ever scheduling.

- Hambone borrowed my car while his was in the shop, and I called him at work to cry about my car being stolen because I couldn't remember I lending it to him.

And so it goes. Mostly I feel sorry for Hambone, who has been picking up the slack for me for quite a while now. I also feel sorry for the people I forgot to pay in January. What a mess.