Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Just the Essentials"

This week Hamslice was experimenting with "Moving to Coleman's House," where he wanted to go live with our neighbor for a week or so.

My very determined little boy packed a cooler (the one with a handle and wheels) as a suitcase and headed down the driveway. He stopped halfway down and turned around to get an item that he felt he he couldn't leave without. One more stop during the next trek down the driveway for a second essential, and then he gave up and went inside to play Legos.

Hambone and I forgot all about it until today, when I saw the cooler on the porch and went to put it away.

I was very curious what his "essentials" were, so I looked inside. What I found floored me. Really to the core.

I found a bottle of water and a Bible.

God bless, Hamslice.