Sunday, February 07, 2021

Beautiful Snowstorm

 We have had some lovely snowstorms roll through this winter. Last week was a snow hurricane and today is a nor'easter, each of which brought a few inches of snow. 

With schools closed down to virtual learning and office attendance optional, the snow has moved to its rightful place as a thing of beauty, instead an annoyance. I like this much better!

It has been interesting to see the details of life changing. For instance, this morning I spent some time putting movie titles on our family calendar so we can have quality movies to watch on Fri and Sat nights. We have watched so many shows that it is becoming a challenge to find something interesting to watch.  Good movie titles are like currency now.

I mark time by how many cosmetics I have used. Yesterday I noticed that I am coming to the end of my second compact of foundation since this all started. Yet... At the beginning of Covid I thought it was stupid to wear makeup at all while being quarantined. 

Tonight is the super bowl, and we are all in, primarily for the snacks. We are not sure who is playing. 

The goats are well, but because there has been so many rain and snowy days, their hooves are pretty rotted. I trimmed them yesterday and am a little worried about Charlie and Delilah. Hopefully some dry days are ahead. 

The boys are getting so independent these days, it's unnerving. They don't want to hang out all the time anymore and are trying to take charge of their own responsibilities. I am constantly amazed by them.