Sunday, September 13, 2020

New Chickens, and the Goat Tussle

 Hambone ordered another 50 chickens that we moved to the big chicken house yesterday. We felt we might have better survival success if we add netting to the top of the chicken coop (for airborne predators) and we are keeping the chickens inside the pen until at lease 11am to keep the fox at bay. 

This limits the 'free range' a bit, but is a little more time in the coop worth it for survival? We are betting on "yes".

As we refitted the chicken coop and fenced in area yesterday, our dog Elwood was out in the field with the goats. It has been an uneasy peace between the dog and the goats for over a year now, where Elwood chases and taunts the goats until the goats line up and butt Elwood in the stomach with their horns.

Yesterday Elwood fought back and took ate half of Charlie Goat's left ear. We realized something was amiss when Charlie Goat stood stock still right by all of  us as we worked, with his head cocked down to one side. We suspect that Elwood ate and swallowed the ear.