Thursday, April 09, 2015

Coasting (for now)

So Hamslice's little spurt of maturity turned out to be a pretty big set of connections made all at once, and his behavior has been a lot better. It seems like the issue this year could have been one of several things:
  1. Maybe the teachers spend the first half of the year complaining about everyone's kids in order to push the parents and students to achieve as much as possible
  2. Maybe Hamslice was immature at the beginning of the year, moreso than the others, but just needed time. 
  3. Maybe everyone is crazy except for Hambone, Hamslice and Me. 
At any rate, we are really enjoying this little vacation from constant criticism. Today Hamslice and I drew pictures and told jokes. I can't remember really the last time we did that -- I've been spending so much energy assessing and comparing to syndromes and spectrums that we've missed each other a bit.

In our play time, I have noticed that his thoughts are disorganized, so we will work on that together as a normal mom and a normal kid.  If everybody will just stop yelling at us, great things could happen.

Today we are happy.