Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hamslice Movie Star

Hamslice went on a video shoot with me yesterday, courtesy of the snow-induced school closures. The studio owner was nice enough to take some photos of Hamslice and me as part of the shoot. We had a blast, although Hamslice was a little shy at first.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So... it's not all coasting until he's a teenager

I'm sure you all remember my optimistic post a few ago that said "Now that he's potty trained, it's all coasting until he's in junior high."

Many of you commented with laughter that I still had a ways to go, and you're right. But we're having sort of a Yin Yang experience now, with the good mixed in with the naughty so it's a little easier to take.

The Yin:  Our little Hamslice is a fountain of sage wisdom. He's a thoughtful little guy who's piecing the world together one concept at a time. He gives us advice such as, "It's not a good idea to put poop in your hair.... or your eyes." and "If you kill somebody, you'll go to JAIL, you KNOW"

He likes to use the phrase "you KNOW" for emphasis on the very, very important bits. It helps us know when he's quite serious.

The Yang: We have got one stinker of a liar on our hands. And you can tell when he's lying because he uses the word "well" as a verbal pause. So the dialogue goes like this: "Hamslice, did you just step on the dog?"  "Well, well, well, well, well, well, I was just stepping on him so I could get onto the sofa." 

One of my colleagues mentioned that liar kids are actually more intelligent than truthful kids, because they're able to understand their reality and the consequences of their actions more completely. I replied that we must have the most brilliant kid in the world.

But so far, no harm has been done, and we are enjoying the new view of the world through his eyes. I wonder what's next.

New fun with Electric Kitty

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas Wrap up

As many of you know, we spent our Christmas holiday in Key West, Florida thanks to a generous friend of ours who let us stay in his house for two weeks. We greatly enjoyed the break from winter temperatures and made sure to be obnoxious by driving in his convertible with the top down every chance we could. The heated pool was pretty awesome too, so even if the weather was only 75 (boo hoo) we could still swim in 90 degree water.


We opened our gifts on New Years day back in Maryland, and that was a bit of a challenge to explain to Hamslice on Christmas morning. We told him that Santa didn't have our address in Florida, and had delivered his presents to our house in Baltimore by mistake. With a single tear standing in each eye, he agreed that this was probably the case. Poor baby.

Below are copious amounts of pictures from the trip, and our holiday. Enjoy!

 Walking the southernmost beach in Key West. It's a tiny little beach, but you get the picture.
We didn't have a swim suit for Hamslice, so he paraded up and down the beach in his Buzz Lightyear underpants.
 Hamslice at the Butterfly Gardens in Key West

 Christmas on New Year's Day. Here's his Chuck the Truck present.
 Crafting presents
 And this here is Hambone's special present from me. His only comment was, "You realize... this means war"
 Hambone's present to me and Hamslice -- Awwwww. our little cutie Elwood
 Hambone macking in Key West

 Brand new PJs for Hamslice
 Sunset on our first night in Key West. Hamslice was having a great time.
 New PJs from Uncle Keith & Aunt Susan
 Still a little bit shy around Santa. Maybe next year...