Monday, January 05, 2009


On Sunday, after taking an Iron pill, I decided it was time for HamSlice to get his first "Big Boy" haircut. I got out the shears and gave him a quick little buzz. I thought it was cute, however HamBone was completely undone.

HamBone was caught a little by surprise, because I did the haircut without giving him enough warning. I think he's still a little peeved.

Now our cutie little HamSlice looks a little bit like Eminem, which is a bit of an adjustment for everyone. The ladies at daycare screamed when I took off his hat this morning. I think they're still rubbing his little bald head.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


So we realized this weekend that our house, while absolutely littered with kid toys, is really filled with grownup only furniture. Poor Hamslice tried to color a little bit but couldn't find a good place -- the floor wasn't good because his feet were in the way, and the table was too tall. (Plus Mom kept getting all hyper about crayons on the wood)

So today we went to Ikea to find some furniture just for Hamslice. We got him a tiny toy chest, a table and chairs, and a markerboard/chalkboard Easel.

He was a happy boy