Monday, May 10, 2010

Hambone Smart Alec

In case some of you don't know what a Smart Alec is, keep reading.

We seem to have an extra strong-willed boy on our hands, so Hambone and I instituted emergency M&M measures. Hamslice's answer to everything lately has been to shout NO and then lay on the floor, immobile. And if he's tired of laying on the floor, he pretends to be deaf.

So, we have started a currency of M&Ms. If he says no to what we ask, then we ask again nicely if he would like an M&M for doing the task. Usually that works, but if he still says no, then we say "well if you don't do the task then no M&M for you."

So far he has been immediately jumping up to do the task when we say we're taking away the M&M, but I can tell this will only work for a while. According to Wikipedia, Hambone and I are the smart Alec's in this scenario. Wikipedia has no advice for how to continue exacting good behavior from my son.