Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Long Slog

It looks like the Corona Virus isn't going anywhere. States reopened too quickly and the virus jumped from people in senior care facilities, prisons and New York City to"20-30 year olds in every state." This seems more difficult to contain.

So we stay home and do our best to pretend like this isn't wearing on us. Hambone and I had a long conversation yesterday, reminiscing about what it used to be like to shop at Target. We miss it.

To bring a little normalcy, we go for long drives in larger circles. We always start at home and end at home. We enjoy the drives a lot -- we play comedian sets on the radio and laugh and laugh as we avoid all other people. Sigh.

Our friend ML came over last night with her son. He has been struggling with feelings of isolation so it was a wonderful time for him to have a chance to play with our boys. They played hide and seek, and laser tag and jumped on the trampoline. So much laughter and smiling was wonderful for all.

This fall it looks like school will be online again which is a tremendous relief. This way I can still keep them in the public school system. I was planning to home school this fall to keep them out of the school buildings.

In a feat of incongruity, my companies (both of them!) are busier than ever. I have been completely under water for the last two weeks and have hired three new people, with plans to hire two more. I have also engaged two contractors. This is fantastic news, but does also make it difficult to manage the simultaneous care that my boys need. Once the new people are up to speed things should get a little easier.

Keepin' on keepin' on.