Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our little family made a voyage to the wilds of northern Michigan for our summer break. We went up by Traverse City and caught the tail end of the Cherry festival, and then went up the mission peninsula to taste some very sweet wine. Below are photos of some of our other adventures:

This is Hamslice at Cousin Rick's house. We visited with AB and Melite/Muff and Lou and Kristy. It sure was great to see everyone again. We don't get to see that side of the family much anymore... In the family picture, Hamslice is pulling his brand new "funny face"

We also took a detour down to the Dublin General Store in some remote town in Michigan. It's known all over the place for having the largest variety of jerky in the world. I believe it

Hambone is in heaven.

This is also the Dublin store -- we thought it was terrific that they sell booze right next to the guns & ammo. "One stop shopping"

Here are some more shots of Hamslice's new funny faces, learned right there in Michigan.

Here's Hambone's imitation...