Friday, June 22, 2007

Hambone takes a Stroll

Wednesday my parents sent us a stroller / car seat set from our registry, which is very much appreciated. We opened the box to assemble everything when we got home from work, because we were pretty interested in seeing how it all fit together.

After the stroller was assembled, we snapped the car seat on top (it's one of those double seat contraptions) and Hambone took it for a tour around the kitchen.

The expression on his face was priceless -- my guess is this was probably the first time he's ever had his hands on the business end of a stroller, and he was so nervous and proud all at the same time as he strutted around behind it. He was also testing it to see how it handled around corners. Very important man-business. =)

His comment was, "They should make these with inflated tires and shocks," which I think means it passed his inspection.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dinner with the Belly

My brother came to town for a business meeting and we wound up grabbing a bite of dinner together. Hambone brought the camera along to snap a quick pic of all 4 of us, unfortunately he couldn't find someone to hold the camera, so he didn't get in the picture.

What you see here is me, my brother, and Ham Slice in a little group.

If you splice Hambone into the picture instead, it looks something like this

Worst Baby Diagram EVER

As many moms-to-be tend to do, I've spent the last seven months copiously researching fetal development and looking for representative photos of Ham Slice at each milestone.

Most of the pics on the Web are lovingly captured 4-d ultrasound images, or carefully drawn illustrations of how beautiful the child development process is.

Today I found this image that I had to share, becuase it's... well... so different than these others. Look how the baby looks more like a Thanksgiving turkey with a human head on it than anything else. AND this is the first drawing I've seen that shows a live turd in the Mom's body.

I find this picture refreshing in a way. As some of my earlier ramblings have suggested, this is not all glamour here. And now that I've seen this illustration, I'll figure it's normal if Ham Slice comes out looking like a turkey.

What a relief.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pregnancy Aerodynamics

OK, Ok I know I have been harping on this whole "my body is changing" thing ad nauseum. However, I'll bet you never thought about how having a giant belly would change your aerodynamics, now did you.

Case in point: yesterday I had a meeting downtown, so I was wearing one of my "fancy" maternity dresses--the kind that ties above the belly and tries its best to hide the whale carcass below.

It was blustery outside in a pre-thunderstorm kind of way, so I was very careful to keep my hair from blowing around too much. This is normal.

What's not normal is this: Because my belly makes my skirt hem lie so far away from my legs, it's easy for the wind to really get up under there and make everything blow. In one particularly windy spot, my whole dress blew up around my face all the way up to the bottom of my bra. That must have been quite a sight for my fellow Baltimoreans -- me at 7 months pregnant showing my WHOLE BUSINESS to passers by.

Nice. Simply delightful, really.