Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mitochondria and MicroTubules

On Saturday afternoon, Hamslice got his wish to go back to the MD Science Center. We bypassed the physics and geology stuff this time, as well as the dinosaur exhibit (his usual favorites) and went straight to the Human Body exhibit.

Here we saw a video about how the lungs work -- we even saw blood cells in the alveola. We also saw how heart valves work. Hamslice watched these videos several times (you can rewind the video by pressing the button on the display).

Then we did a walking tour of a human cell. The display was actually pretty cool because you could walk between the Golgi bodies and see the endoplasmic reticulum and other organelles all working together. We saw a hilarious video about micro tubules 'walking' through cells. That one we watched three or four times.

On the way home, Hamslice started running and said "I'm breaking apart my Mitochondria to make energy!" and that's been a running joke ever since. 

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