Monday, November 09, 2009

Terrible Twos

So my sweet baby boy has started coming into his own opinions about how the world ought to run. Lately we've started seeing full-on tantrums that include throwing things, and lying facedown on the floor kicking, punching the ground, and screaming.

To counteract this new phase, we have instituted the "naughty chair" which seems to be effective in a random and arbitrary way. Sometimes he sits in there sulking for ten minutes, other times he goes into the chair joyfully, shouting "Sorry" on his way there, so he only needs to touch his bottom in the chair before going back to play.

To further complicate things, he is also starting to potty train. Sometimes we send him to the naughty chair, but he says he needs to go potty. So then what??

Clearly we're out of our depths here...

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