Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jingle Bells

How in the world did Hamslice hear about Christmas so early? I've never seen someone so completely za za over the season in my life. He is in love with the song "Jingle Bells" and sings it constantly. It's to the point now where he sings that song almost as much as he sings the jingle from the Luna Carpet commercial.

He also refuses to drink out of non-Christmas themed cups, and has become infatuated with a Christmas tree ornament he found in the cupboard the other day. All activities are framed with "Can I do this even though it's not Christmas Yet?"

It's cute, but I am starting to wonder if our plane ride to Michigan this December will include rousing choruses of Jingle Bells (One horse open sleigh... HEY!).

Our last ride was a study in how many times he could sing "happy birthday to you" and I'm still a little unsettled by that.

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