Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Why is my blog here now?

I bet a bunch of you are wondering why I sold out and went to Blogger instead of continuing to host my own blog.

I'll tell you why -- there is a dirty rat scoundrel hacker out there, who for some COMPLETELY UNEXPLAINABLE REASON hacked my blog down to its underpants and not only deleted the whole thing, but broke the code so badly that when I rolled the server back to the last time the blog worked, the server kept breaking the blog.

Not only that, but there were some spam robots installed that instantly posted 450 comments on the blog as soon as I posted any new entries. AND those comments only showed as "14" on the first page of my blog. The server was swarmed.

So you dumb turkey, I am over here now. If you start spamming me here, at least it's not on my server.


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