Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Paper Moon -- Nachos Thumbs-Up

Last night one of the hams and her boyfriend "the Warrior" invited Hambone and me to Nachos at Paper Moon, which is one of their favorite hangouts.

I have to give Paper Moon's presentation a thumbs-up for real cheese and delicious guac. They lost a couple of points because the salsa was from a jar and the chips were pretty broken up at the bottom of the pile of 'good' chips. Maybe our plate of nachos was made from the last few in the bag or something.

The other thing that's cool about Paper Moon is that it's decorated with something like 50 mannequins. And little army toys. My personal favorites were the ceiling fans that had hundreds of tiny buttons glued to the blades.

Me Gusta Paper Moon. Yay!


Anonymous said...

marci rulez

Prairielanding said...

Reee-ally. ;-)

I found that the decor was enough to keep you amused while your waiter went off to his "safe corner" to finish up his bad trip and let a new shift begin. For the first hour or so, that is.