Sunday, March 27, 2022


 Last week I caught Hamslice screwing off during his homeschool classes, switching between class and online video reels of anime and cartoons. I got pretty codependent to the point where he was listening for me to wheel my chair backwards and then when he heard that he would flip to his schoolwork. I spent half of my time during the day trying to silently stand to catch him in the act. I caught him probably 4 times out of 20, but I saw him flip the screen each time. 

Obviously I lost my temper with this and started shouting. I may have also whopped him up side the head. While this was not a healthy setup, my resulting guilt did open a channel of communication where we started talking about what made life worth living. We decided that videos were not the thing that makes life worth living (although Hamslice is still unconvinced), but that things in line with a future career that were fun would receive 100% of our support. 

To this end, Hamslice said that for entertainment, he would like to go back to Magic on Friday nights (the card game, not the trickery) and that he wanted to focus on physics.

I immediately hired an online tutor, and just a few minutes ago he finished his first tutoring session. 


And, the tutor worked with Hamslice for an hour, with Hamslice keeping up with the tutor. I am skeptical that he is at AP college physics level, but will continue to watch the tutoring sessions to see what this looks like over time.

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