Thursday, April 15, 2021


 While the pandemic does not really seem to be over, every state and person seems to be moving on anyway. Schools have reopened, businesses are reopening... and the rapidly increasing case load of COVID doesn't seem to bother anyone. 

And so we emerge, battered and blinded by the sun, inch by inch back into real life. It was delightful in our cocoon of TV and telling time by the abrupt start of the robot vacuums every day at 2 (upstairs) and 5 (main floor).  At this point we have all had our first dose of vaccine and are becoming more brave. 

In an outright flagrant display of vaccination boldness, I registered the boys for sleep away camp this summer -- two weeks of independence might be just what the doctor ordered for these teenagers. 

I've noticed that I am unclenching a bit myself as well. I have started using different purses and learning Spanish again, and am becoming just that much more flexible now that it doesn't feel like the world is actively ending.

Life is good.

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