Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A note about honeymooning

Much like being married, I don't know that there's a specific second when you know the honeymoon is over, it just sort of "occurs."

These last few days we have been tested by Little Ham, and to our credit, he's using his best material. However, he doesn't have any idea who he's dealing with here. Our ability to deflect meltdowns and oppositional behavior borders on professional level. He keeps trying to control us, but that just doesn't seem to work either.

It seems that we get long spurts of good behavior, peppered with humongous meltdowns.

Sound familiar?

We are also learning about tag teaming, where sometimes either Hambone or I will be at loggerheads with Little Ham, so the other takes over for the evening. That seems to diffuse further bad behavior, and gives both parent and child a chance to reset.

We had a tough Thursday last week and a tough Monday this week, but in between we have a lot of laughter and hugs and smiles. We are still enjoying ourselves very much.

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