Friday, October 29, 2010

International Day at Montessori

So below you'll see a few videos from International Day at Hamslice's Montessori. It was his first school performance, and just as cute as can be. I should mention that Hamslice's class was the last one to perform, so they had been sitting on the floor patiently for about an hour before this. I imagine this explains some of the behavior...

Here's the warmup -- Hamslice fooling around on stage with his favorite buddy, Brooks. Our guy is the blond in the front row, wearing the dashiki

Next comes the introduction where the class says Good Morning in Swahili

Here's Hamslice doing his speaking part. I was so proud

And then... well.... then there was the singing and dancing portion, which Hamslice took to a new level complete with stunts, a time out, and a dash to his mom. My poor baby.


Marcie 2 said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA you elitist. Move him to the public schools where that behavior is entirely essential for survival.

Editor said...