Monday, July 27, 2009


Last weekend I was baking zucchini bread, and Hamslice wanted to help quite badly. Since the batter for this particular recipe was pretty sloppy, I set him up with Salt N Flour dough instead and let him play with that on the ground. Evidently I didn't have enough salt in the mix, so it was a little more pasty than we had planned.

Oh well. It's easy enough to clean up, right?


Unknown said...

Making messes are great fun! I think Playdoh gets a bad rap for messiness. I frequently used it to keep the kids busy at the table while I was in the kitchen and found it very Zen to knead myself. He might be ready for it.

Editor said...

Play Doh *does* get a bad rap. I used to love to play with it.

Good idea -- maybe I'll pick up some tubes of it this evening. =)