Thursday, April 02, 2009


Our little Hamslice is turning into a little kid now, so I guess I should stop referring to him as our baby.

He's started talking a bit, but doesn't quite get all of the words right yet. More like he'll shout out a syllable from a word instead of saying the whole thing. Right now "Monkey" is "moh moh"

I have discovered, to my chagrin that there are combinations of words that could be misinterpreted during this phase. For instance "Blue Socks" comes out like "Buh Sh**" and so on.

In other news, I've also discovered that chicken nuggets (purchased for Hamslice) are the new bane of my dietary existence. I can eat three platefuls myself before he has even one bite. What is it about the nuggets? Sometimes I dream about their breading and how the chicken grease runs down my chin when I bite into them. I need an intervention.

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