Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hamslice Beach Bum

For the Labor Day holiday, Hambone, Hamslice and I went to Ocean City, MD. The weather was terrific, the surf was up (but not too high) and we had a chance to relax together as a family.

It turns out that none of us are real beach people... for instance, the whole "bathing suit without any other clothes on" thing is really not our bag. Hamslice was the biggest drylander of us all. He was splashed by one wave, and then didn't want to get within 50 feet of the water for the rest of the trip. (sigh)

Our friends the W's came to share the weekend with us, and we had the pleasure of getting to know their four kids a little better. Usually when we see the Ws, they've already put the kids to bed. This was an education in family dynamics and sibling-ness.

Here's a pic of Hamslice on the beach catchin' some rays and chillin' with his toys...

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