Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Yes! Michigan

Last weekend Hamslice got a whole new batch of clothes from Auntie Nina to fit his growing body. This new size (12-18 months) made me wonder what was hanging out in the closet for him in this size.

When I peeked, I was quite pleased to see that his University of Michigan outfit now fits like a glove.

How nice that I can now balance out the Iowa Hawkeyes paraphernalia that he's been sporting since birth.

Go Wolverines!


Kiddo said...

and, might I add, it's about STINKIN' time! GO BLUE!

Anonymous said...

I see Aunt Sheri is going to have to purchase some green and white clothing for our young future Spartan!!!

Chesapeake Explorer said...

Indeed! He'll be a big 10 baby with all of his gear. =)