Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'll take the Poopie with a side of rotten fish, please

So our adorable little boy, whose little poopies used to smell like sunshine and clotted cream seems to have grown out of the sweet smelling stage.

I switched Hamslice over to formula a couple of weeks ago after I tried to attend meetings at work, only to discover that two hours into them it felt like my breasts were going to explode.

He started out with Enfamil formula, which definitely changed his aroma but it was still manageable. However, the last time we went to Target for more of it, they were completely sold out. Not a grain of formula in sight.

Because desperate times call for desperate measures, we bought the Target brand formula. Two days later, our adorable little pooper started pushing out the smell of a dirty old man who had been eating rotten fish. Gooooood grief.

Even our quiet, Mexican nanny mentioned something, and she never really speaks up about things that bother her.

Peee - Youuuu

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