Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life in the Country

People have asked me several times in the last few months, "What's it like for a hard boiled city gal to move out to the country?" with the followup question "Do you hate it?"

And I just start laughing. We have never been happier than we are with this decision to move out into the wild. Here are things we don't miss about the city:
  • listening to drunk people shout their way home from the bars
  • cleaning up the flower pots that drunk people knocked over on their way home from the bars
  • smelling the pee in every alley from drunk people on their way home from the bars
  • panhandlers on *EVERY* corner
  • that guy with the persian rug over his shoulders shouting at everyone that HE IS THE CHIEF
  • um... let's see... drunk people ringing our doorbell at midnight, insisting that they live in our house
  • rats
  • rats
  • rats
  • the smell of the neighbors cigarette smoke wafting through our walls
  • noise
  • traffic
  • ravens fans
  • produce from the grocery store that just *isn't quite right*
  • city water
seriously that should be enough to live in a permanent state of ecstasy, here are the new 'problems' we have in the country:
  • traffic jams of deer in the driveway
  • too many choices of excellent grocery stores with fresh seafood, miles-long organic food sections and amazing produce
  • we sometimes can't find hamslice because he is outside playing
  • the neighbors are so friendly that we don't know when or if we are offending them
  • the school is proactive and teaching at lightening speed
  • we love everyone we have met here so far (we can't identify any jerks)
and so on.

So you can see now how I will miss the city, but .. um... not really. Buh Bye.

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