Friday, October 03, 2014

The Funniest Guy in the Room

I remember my Mom telling me over and over when I was a kid... it's not really the best thing to try being the funniest kid in the room. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized the wisdom in that statement. The funniest guy always goes a little too far just to get a laugh, while the second funniest guy in the room is the real comedian.

Fast forward to Hamslice in the second grade. This week Wednesday his best buddy J (the second funniest guy in the room) pulled Hamslice aside in the lunch room and said "Look what word I know..." and he wrote it on his napkin.

Ladies and gentlemen, this was the "F" word. Not a lovely F word like "Fabulous" or "Frankincense"  but the queen mother of all "F" words. And J wrote not just the F word, he also added its toady companion word "You."

Hamslice looked at the words on the napkin and decided (as the funniest guy in the room) that his required response was to read it as loudly and as many times in a row as he could. He then started pointing at people while shouting it, so several of the kids at school got a big "F... YOU" at lunch. Happy Wednesday, everyone.

And I will say that the call I received from the principal was not the most jovial conversation I've ever had.

Remember. Be the second funniest guy in the room. In this case there was a pretty stiff penalty for him as well, but he will still live this down before Hamslice.

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