Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fear Factor Cheese Night

For Christmas this year, Hambone bought me a subscription to the Cheese of the Month club, which was so sweet because I DO LOVE CHEESE.

The first shipment came to Hambone's office last week. He had it shipped there so he could surprise me with the actual cheeses. This round was all artisan soft cheeses, which tend to be a little...fragrant.

During that afternoon, one of Hambone's vendors came in, and said in a stage whisper, "I think something died in your office."

Later in the evening Hambone described the cheese aroma as "a dead rat wrapped in a dirty diaper." But, we were really curious to see what it would taste like, so we dared each other into taking a taste. We dubbed the event " Fear Factor Cheese Night. "

It was actually rather tasty, if you didn't smell it first. We ate most of it in a race between our tongues and our noses.

Ah, the things you do for love.

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