Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's a Boy!

Hambone and I went in for our ultrasound this morning. Because I'm a tech weenie, I made the appointment way up in White Marsh so I could get a 3-d image of this thing we have created. No "regular" ultrasounds for me, no way.

When the baby first appeared on the screen, Hambone and I both gasped, because even with all the pregnancy fanfare so far, we were both wondering if I was just getting fat. It was amazing to see this little body appear on the TV -- no more denying it, we're definitely having a baby.

It turns out that we're having a little boy. The Ultrasound tech went over his little hoo-hah again and again, referring to it as "the Turtle." I didn't see the turtle very clearly, but she seemed quite sure. "See the turtle head? SEE?"

What also caught me by surprise is my instant transformation into one of those ladies who has to show everyone the ultrasound pictures. Even complete strangers now need to see pictures of our little Ham Slice. Even Hambone has a couple of pictures on his desk of the little guy.

Who knew.

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