Monday, April 02, 2007

Avast Fashion

I finally broke down this weekend and went maternity clothes shopping "for real" this weekend. I dragged poor Hambone along -- he was really a good sport considering where we were going.

It turns out that the maternity stores play this funny game with you: if you were a size medium before this all happened, your corresponding maternity size is EXTRA LARGE. Yeah, they like to kick you when you're down. I've gained a total of five pounds, but am now relegated to the XL rack, go figure.

This morning I had a big meeting for work, so I put on a pre-maternity skirt (another flash of denial) and found it was still surprisingly comfortable.

A little later in the day I looked at the skirt with puzzlement, because the seams didn't line up the way they should. Turns out I put the thing on sideways and that's why it still fit.

Isn't that just the way...

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