Tuesday, June 23, 2015

First Swim Meet!

I thought it was time that Hamslice join a team of some kind, after his outright shunning of soccer, nature explorers, gym class, and all other social clubs.

I settled on swimming because Hey... you always need to know how to swim.

We have had Hamslice in the "learn to swim" program for about a year, and he was getting pretty good. I then probably skipped a couple of steps by putting him right into a "fun/competitive" swimming program. The goal is fun, but it is a bit competitive.

Hamslice has risen to the occasion beautifully. In real life he can't swim 25 yards without stopping, but put him in a race, and here you go - 25 (ish) yards right off the bat.

After the swim meet, Hamslice then proceeded to learn how to jump off the diving board, swim to the bottom of the pool, and run/jump off the side of the pool in ONE DAY. So... something is working...

Here is a video of Hamslice's first competitive swim:


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