Saturday, February 02, 2013

Little Bit High... Little Bit Low

There have been lots of ups and downs with Hamslice these days. His behavior issues at school have been both completely resolved and completely out of control, depending on who you talk to and on what day.

For instance, this week he had three FANTASTIC days in a row where he was cooperative and sweet (Yes we celebrate a three day streak. Shoot, we celebrate ONE good day.) and his teachers were happy with his demeanor and performance.

Fast forward to Thursday, and I get a call from the counselor's office that he is out of the classroom because he was punching his teacher and having a world class temper tantrum.

Then Friday was great again.

Today we took Hamslice to a kid's fitness class for something to do. His teachers have observed some issues with coordination and muscle control, so we also wanted to observe him in a more physical setting.

I'm not sure how long it will take to forget the slow-motion horror of realizing that the kid who spit on the most adorable little girl in the class was, indeed, Hamslice. And it wasn't a little pitooie spit, it was a full mouthful of drool that he poured into her lap.

After a frosty car ride home (we decided not to yell at him, instead we waited until he was ready to talk about his little drool trick) he revealed that he had spit on the girl because he felt she was sitting too close, and also he had noticed that the class looked like it was about to get really boring and he knew that making a scene was a sure-fire way to be removed from the class.

*Sigh* I guess it's time to talk about making good choices... again...

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