Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oedipus Comes for Dinner

Last night as I prepared dinner and Hambone sat at the end of the bar reading email, Hamslice started talking in some detail about how he wants the two of us to live in this house when he grows up. He kept referring to just him and me.

I asked "what about Daddy--is he going to live with us too?"

Hamslice, mortified that he was outlining his master plan right in front of his competition, clapped his hand over his mouth and bent over in embarrassment. When he recovered a bit, I asked again, "What happens to Daddy when you grow up?"

Hamslice shrugged and said, "He goes away. We don't need him anymore when I'm grown up."

I looked down the bar to Hambone, who whispered, "AVENGE ME"

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