Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hamslice, Caliente

So I learned yesterday that a 1-year old and Carne Asada do not mix very well. At dinner yesterday, it seemed like a good idea to fry up the Trader Joe's Carne that Hambone had defrosted over the weekend.

Poor Hamslice -- I put a few bites on his plate, and he jammed them all in his mouth right away. He was starving, and I guess it looked like something he wanted to eat.

After about 30 seconds, (when the peppers kicked in, apparently) he spit all of the meat out, started crying and drank 1/2 glass of water. Oh what a bad parent I am.

I made him some chicken nuggets then, so we could get back to bland, but he was suspicious of me. He eventually ate them, but there was a great deal of crying and throwing them around first.


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