Monday, April 21, 2008

Hamslice Strikes a Pose

As many of you know, Hamslice can certainly work the camera. Yesterday at breakfast, he was hamming it up big time, so I snapped some pictures. If you play the movie, you can see his super star modeling =)

After breakfast, when he was in his bouncy chair, Maggie came up and shared her rawhide treat with him. All Hambone and I knew was that we looked over at him and he had the rawhide hanging out of his mouth. Interestingly, Hamslice really REALLY didn't want to give us the rawhide. His little teeth were clamped on that thing so hard -- it took a few minutes to get it away from him.

In other news, The Ham Family will be traveling to Michigan for the 4th of July holiday. All of you out there that want to take us out for breakfast can write in and we'll save a time slot for yeh.

See you all soon!

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