Tuesday, October 16, 2007

K-9 Super Shabby

If you all have read my blog for the past few years, you would have heard me gush copiously about Maggie the dog, who was the single most important fixture in my world before I met Hambone.

Since the birth of Hamslice, I've noticed that she has become just the slightest bit shabby and unkempt. I think she has been stressed by all the changes, but also have to admit that I haven't been as speedy with her brushing and bathing as I once was. I find this troubling.

Yesterday, however, it all came into perspective when I saw another dog-owning family walk down the street. This family had twin babies and a dog, and let me just mention how super shabby this dog was. I suppose as the "dog parents" get busier being "people parents," the dogs sort of muddle along for a while until the parents figure it all out.

Patience, Mags. It will all come back together soon...

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